The podcast series “Rejsen” (The Journey) is sponsored by DSB

(the Danish State Railways), and is produced as part of a campaign specifically targeting young people and commuters.


The podcast focuses on the journey through life and through a career. Host Danijel ‘Drux’ Deletic invites cool, young guest, notable within music, film, fashion etc. to the studio to a honest and relatable talk.


The podcast was rolled out with a hero video, which ran on screens in trains, in 7-Elevens, in cinemas and online, and unique video content from the podcast studio is used to market each episode and guests online, along with SoMe teasers and still photos.

Every podcast episode is available in full length at youtube in video. 


The fall 2019 Danijel 'Drux' Deletic gave the well-known artist Stormzy a surprise visit in London. ​