Oddset came til HEARTBEATS AGENCY because they wanted to pay tribute to all those who faithfully fills the seats at the stadium, inevitably sits glued to the TV-screen and sings along to the nation anthem at every game. Oddset's motivation was to give their passionate listeners a different insight in the world of sports. We helped Oddset to create the podcast Fodboldklubben (The Football Club).

The podcast is hosted by Søren Rebbe and his producer-companion Emil Bach Andersen. In every episode they invite prominent football fans in the studio for a passionate conversation about the beautiful game.


The participants review the greatest moments of their football memories and together they invite the listener to join a cheerful and nostalgic journey into the world of football.

Fodboldklubben already contains more than 30 episode with more to come. Every episode is followed by graphic and video-content to distribute the podcast at Oddset social platforms. 

Fodboldklubben is exclusive content at danskespil.dk  


Listen to the podcast here.