In september 2019 Podimo was launched as a new streaming-service for podcasts. HEARTBEATS AGENCY ia proud to be a part of the succesful project as we have currently produced more than 650 episodes. The podcast-production contains a broad range of genres creating a platform with valuable content for a wide audience. 

Mord i Nord

Mord i Nord: "True Crime" is undoubtedly one of the most popular genres among Danish podcast listeners, and the podcast "Mord i Nord" (murder in the north) is no exception. The podcast dives into some of the most shocking, frightening and spectacular homicide cases in Scandinavia.


Featuring: Le Gammeltoft.

Produced by Mikkel Weinell.

Mord i Nord.jpeg

Kvinde kend din historie

Kvinde kend din historie: Only 0.5% of the total written world history is about women. In this podcast, we write the women into the story when historian Gry Jexen, in the company of a guest, focuses on significant but overlooked, women, and gives them the place in history they deserve. Welcome to a heartwarming tribute to the women of our all-together history.


Featuring: Gry Nielsen-Jexen. Produced by Cecilie Wortziger.

Music and sounddesign: Frej Levin. Podcast cover: Sofie Nørgaard Kampmark

The Algorithm

The Algorithm: What is an algorithm, and how does it affect you?

In 6 episodes this podcast looks into the secret world of the

algorithms and the ways in which they control our lives.


Featuring: Marie Høst.

Produced by Cecilie Wortziger & Mikkel Weinell.


The Brothers Fuhlendorff

The Brothers Fuhlendorff: Two brothers grew up together in the suburbs of Kastrup, Denmark. One became a famous comedian, and the other became a felon. What drove them apart? And is it possible to start over?


Featuring: Christian Fuhlendorff & Michael Fuhlendorff.

Produced by Christine Runøe.