HEARTBEATS AGENCY has its roots in sound and in podcast. We are the largest private podcast production house in Denmark, releasing several weekly episodes to our platform heartbeats.dk. We create concepts, find the perfect hosts and guests, and distribute the podcast. However, if a client would like to be in charge of concept and lineup themselves,

we can help with professional recording and editing,


The Brothers Fuhlendorff

The Brothers Fuhlendorff: Two brothers grew up together in the suburbs of Kastrup, Denmark. One became a famous comedian, and the other became a felon. What drove them apart? And is it possible to start over?


Featuring: Christian Fuhlendorff & Michael Fuhlendorff.

Produced by Christine Runøe.

The Algorithm

The Algorithm: What is an algorithm, and how does it affect you?

In 6 episodes this podcast looks into the secret world of the

algorithms and the ways in which they control our lives.


Featuring: Marie Høst.

Produced by Cecilie Wortziger & Mikkel Weinell.